integra gs---b18b swap b18c

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i want to swap my b18b to b18c1 or b18c5...but i dont know if i need to make any body convesions to fit one of these engines..and which 1 would be better;
They are pretty much all the same, only difference is vtec and power numbers, hence B series engines, basically same size, only small differences. I would suggest doing a b18b buildup or even an ls/vtec setup but for you i wouldn't recomend it.
What are your goals for the car?
Turbo? keep the ls or swap the b18c if you have the dough.
N/A b18c5, higher compression, more hp.
Also what is this going into? I'm assuming an rs/ls/gs integra?
IMO and no body conversions are necessary.
the reason of y i want to change my engine because it has alot of miles on it..and ill have to change it someday anyways; so i want to put the best 1 for my integra..i will also put the turbo in it

i asked if i need to make any convesions because i'v went to one body shop and i asked how much would it be to swap the engine in my car to b18c..and they said it wont fit..i was like "wtf" so...


get another B18B cheap... all you need is a long block
build up the B18B for turbo
***its up to you whether you want to put the newer one in the car and build the old one or keep the old one in there and build the new one
then id go after a JDM GSR tranny with an LSD

now, for about what you would have spent on a swap, you have a fresh engine built for boost, a better tranny, and still have a spare engine / tranny incase something breaks