Integra OBD0 to OBD1 swap

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Were about to put a B18A into a 92 Civic 4dr auto.What is all required to covert to OBD1 so we can install into the OBD1 civic.I'm assuming complete int manifold,distributor and ecu.Anything else?o2 sensors?Also anyone tried putting a cable tranny in a 92+ Civic.I'm a EF guy so I'm not very familiar with the Integras or OBD1 Civics.Thanks
ok so to switch the motor to obd-1 u need to put an obd-1 b-series non vtec distributor on it. put in obd-1 injectors. and get an obd-1 b18b ecu. and change the single wire o2 sensor to a 4 wire o2 sensor or add another single wire o2 to the header but i would suggest jus puttin in the 4 wire. and change the manifold because the new ecu use's an electric controled idle from the ecu and the old manifold used a vacum controled idle. i think u might be able to jus switch the throtle bodies but not positive.
Thanks.That is what I thought.Now I just gotta find out how to convert this damm thing to manual.Unfortunetly the guy insists on using the cable tranny he has.