Integra pleasezz

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my bro just got his piston ring replace..we just took it out the shop yesterday and when we drive for awhile and we come to an stop it make this loud WOOP sound while we idleing...just wanta ask do yall know what the problem is??..the computer or the vaccum line? thanx
the sound is coming from the exhaust pipe..the rpm needle keep moving up and down and keep making this woop woop won't stop until we press the gas.
That is probably not the problem, but it was not a good idea. You should have made them buy you a new oil ring if you paid them for the install. It sounds like 1 of 2 things. You could have a vaccuum leak or your TPS sensor could be mis-adjusted. How quick is the rev bounce? What is the RPM at the bottom and at the top of the bounce?