integra rotors on a crx

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will rotors from and integra fit on a 90 CRX hf ? they have the same part number


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go buy some and see if they fit and if so then yes and if not take em back and get your money back. but more than likely if they have the same part number they will fit.


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I don't think so, unless maybe it's a older Integra.

IIRC, Integra's all had 10.3" front brake rotors. Of the 88-91s, only the 90-91 EX sedans had brakes that large.


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will rotors from and integra fit on a 90 CRX hf ? they have the same part number
if they have the same part number in theory they should.

but I have had auto part stores try to give me the headgasket for an SOHC F series instead of a H22 many times. They had their numbers mixed up.


they will only fit your car if you swap over the whole steering knuckle. if you have done a swap, you'd need to swap the knuckle anyway, however if you still have the stock motor in there, you'll need to source some axles with the proper size outter end as the teg knuckle uses a larger spline than you HF does.


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He is talking about the rotor not the hub. If the part number is the same then yes it will work. And I agree with BrokenRex, If your going to do a swap then get some DA hubs and some SI axles although I'm not sure if they are they same are not. HF and SI axles. Pssh even if you don't plan on doing a swap and just want better brakes then get the hubs and axles anyway, while your at it go ahead and get the brake booster also. then later on down the road get the rear disc off a DA or an 89-91 SI and get the proportioning valve and BAM you got 4 wheel disc on that tiny car with the braking power of the much heavier Integra. It makes a big difference.