integra seats in coupe


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Will integra rear seats fit in my 93 coupe? Integra rear seats are in two pieces. Civic coupe seats are one piece. Can you mod something to make it work?


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civic coupe seats in the back fold down so they have to be in two pieces. I'm sure it can be done, with a little modification.


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There's something being missed here, I think he's referring to the fact the seat section is 2 pieces on a teggy and 1 piece in a civic... the backs on both are split yes.. as for fitment.. I would hazard a guess they would fit perfectly... if you look in the teggy the unibody shape is the same in a 3rdgen teg to a 5th gen civic... might be worth a shot, or maybe contact a local upholstery shop and get yours rewrapped.. might like that result better:p


hey for what it's worth....
i just put the rear seats from a 98 gsr into my 95 coupe.
You have to peel the foam off from both seats, and put them on the coupe's back seat frame. it takes about an hour or two.
The fitment is ok, but not close to perfect, i have a 3-4 inch gap where the backs and the bottoms meet, im going to buy a long black pillow and put it in there :huh:
(also, the front seats and the bottom of the rear seats are direct fit)