Integra Vs Dsm

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Hey, i have a 95 LS teg w/ 3" exhaust, Cold Air, plugs and wires, Type R manifold and throttle body and well thats about it for the engine. My friend just bought a 91 Tsi Talon( all wheel drive turbo). Both mine and his are 5 speeds. He thinks that he will just killl me. From a dead stop i know he has me but from a roll i think i can take him. His car is bone stock. No free mods or anything just stock. I was just wondering what everybody thinks about who will win from a roll. thanks


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If I remember corrctly, the Tsi has 210 bhp--my friend had a 1990, and it could haul. The teg is heaver, so my money is on the talon.


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The Tsi is going to take you 9 times out of 10 unless your friend just can't drive. Yes, I think it is 210hp as well.



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shit if your friends then go try it out
why did this even make it to a message board??????
if one of my friends wants to race for whatever reason, i just go race them.... i dont go on a message board and say "X car vs Y car, with the following mods, who would win"
unless there is a fuck load of money on the line, just go race
and if your that unsure and you put up the money anyway, you deserve to lose

so basicly there is never a situation where the "X car vs Y car" question is a good one


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Yeah, he'll probably lose, but don't forget guys that the awd tsi weighs 3150lbs (the 2wd is 2780). That LS weighs about 2500 lbs. I know that those talons have strong motors, but unless they have mountains of torque, this is going to be a close one.

The talon will win 8 out of 10


Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Mar 6 2003, 12:34 PM
question... why in lords name do you have 3 inch exhaust? good lord your engine hates you!

nah- 3" is fine for na. granted, hes loosing 1 horse from it being a little too big, but honestly, who cares


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Talon will win hands down, unless he can't drive. I'm kind of Bias though, even though my daily driver is a 94 CX you can guess by my user name what is under the car cover in the garage, and it runs 20psi on pump gas :D

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i believe that dsm's are also fast unreliable peices of shit my buddy has a 95 automatic talon and it is fast but he just had to rebuild the motor because he spun a bearing at 95k. thast a peice of shit if you ask me but also dont the awd versions run 190 bhp and the fwd 220bhp at my fathers dealership we had a galant awd turbo and that ran 190 and my buddys 95 dsm is 210 so......


DSM's can be fast but 99% of the DSM owners are cocky assholes (atleast in my area) with unreliable cars.


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Well with all the DSM bashing going on here I don't know how anyone can say that the DSM owners are the cocky assholes. I happen to own both a Civic and a DSM, and I am neither cocky or an asshole(unless asked to be). Saying that all DSM owners are cocky is like saying all Civic owners are kids with vinyl, clear corners, and gangsta rap listed as their mods. In fact almost everyone in our chapter of club DSM happens to own other makes of cars also, Mustangs, Mr2's, Prelude's, they don't look down on me for driving and modding my Honda.

The Talon will spank the teg, piece of shit or not.

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