Intel really sucks

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Hold up...reiko's confused. From what i read this will effectively GIVE M$ the monopoly on OSes (which they have already paid for once). I just got Fedora running on my PC and im loving it. I have to make time to put it on my laptop. This is just plain rediculous. While I am a WMP and IE fan boy, i cannot accept this. DRM is plain stupid for what it is, and I hope AMD and Linux can pick up the slack. Id love to see M$ dissolve into nothing and FORCE PEOPLE TO BECOME COMPUTER LITERATE. COULD YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE IF PEOPLE KNEW HOW TO USE COMMAND LINE? Id probably be out of a job, but it would make my life far less frustrating.

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Intel is TRYING to push MS into a position of monopoly. It's a corporate "I'll wack you if you wack me" kinda deal.


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Not even being about Linux, to me it's the "Use this software, use this hardware" agenda they are trying to push, fuck that, it's my computer.


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Its just like with the new Intel based Apples. Even though they have x86 Mac OSX, you won't be able to install it on a machine without the proper hardware dongle built into the motherboard. Complete bullshit.

(I know most of you wouldn't want Mac OSX, but I'm showing that other companies are taking this route too)