intercooler piping?

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so i want to get mandrel bent kit made for my car.. but its gonna be like 350... so for now i found a muffler shop that will make me kink bent pipes for about 75... does it make that much of a difference in my performance? should i run the kink bent for a couple of months or is it better to save a for like another month and just get the mandrel bent pipes?
if you cant afford what it costs right now. Keep saving. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY on somethign you arent gonna keep. intercoller piping shouldnt cost more than like 250 if you buy the peices online liek from jcwhitney or summit (mandrel bent). Then go get teh muffler shop to make them for you. Hopefully they have decetn welding skills and wont make your pipes look like total shit and wont get to much mig wire in them.
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Aug 21 2005, 12:23 PM

It cost me $126 to make them.
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^^^there you go....Kteller is the way to go,....
By the way (92civicb18b1) WHat did you do with your piping? did you sell the hatch,...?
I might need a few things...