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Are Stock internals capable of coping with a turbo conversion

What sort of boost sould I run 6psi -12psi????????
any internal will hold up to a certain amount.

psi means jack shit.

6 psi out of a 14g will be fine
6 psi out of a t66 will not

remember, psi is the measure of pressure BEFORE the manifold. or in otherwords, what's NOT getting in, thus creating the pressure.

I hate it when people say y0, i want to run 6 psi on my car what do i need? its like saying y0 i want to get laid with a girl but shes gotta be hot. WHAT IS hot to you and me are probably different. running a t3/to4e .67 trim at 6psi is not nearly the amount of power and thus air density fom a t4 60-1 .70 trim