Internet Argument Leaves 2 Dead, 2 Injured

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Guy kills two people over an internet argument and goes back to brag about it on the message board. This is E-thugging on another level.

[Internet Argument Leaves 2 Dead, 2 Injured
San Diego Message Board
San Diego Based Message Board Is Cause for Mass Murder

Arguments on Internet message boards are nothing new, and often are a central component. But in San Diego, California an argument turned deadly on 25 May 2005, resulting in two murders, and two other attempted homicides.

"We've always had a lot of arguments and disputes on this board, but nothing like this, and I really don't think anyone saw it coming," said Radley Pingay, administrator of, in an email response.

"Bruce was always a little hostile, but so many people are like that online, it's hard to tell what's real and what's just shenanigans." Bruce is not only the username of the suspect in the double homicide, but is also his first name.

The online argument started in a thread (link) discussing a local band promoter. Bruce Pastuer, now wanted on two counts of homicide and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, was one of the participants in the discussion.

Apparently two other board members and Pastuer exchanged insults, at which point Pastuer drove to the home of the two victims at approximately 3:00PM, and shot them both with a borrowed 12 gauge shotgun. The police have not recovered the weapon, and the names of the two victims have not been released pending notification of their relatives.

In the course of the shooting, two neighbors came to investigate, and Pastuer reportedly fired at them as well. His location is unknown, and anyone with information is requested to contact the San Diego Police Department



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That is some freaky shit. He thinks he wont get got when the feds unleash the hounds on him then his ass is gonna get busted sooner or later. It seems like he has alot of mental unstability. He keeps trying to justifie what he did by saying "Oh you guys all know you wanted to do it" Hopefully he gets caught soon so he dosnt flip out and find another member of that board.


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Jesus Christ, and the fucker is only 17 too.

Somebody's about 20 french fries short of a happy meal...


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and look at all the fuckheads just joking around making stupid posts in the thread like its not real or something.

probably a fake story people cant be THAT stupid.


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that shit is regod-damndiculous. I honestly blame it on the parents. If he had better parenting he wouldnt be on the computer so much, he wouldnt have had access to a gun and he would have more self respect for himself. His parents should have instilled some morals but they failed miserably.


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man... i read the first page and was upset <_<

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It had me going for a while to, I read like 10 pages into it and then re-read the thread I got this from and found out it was fake. I was doubting it from the start though because I watch FOX news and CNN 24-7 and didnt hear anything mentioned.


It had me going too...I don't feel so bad about chuckling now...Funny, but if you really think about it, it could happen. :ph34r: