Is a B16a in a crx any good?

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Ya I Have a crx and wanted to know if I put a b16 if the mo fo would it run good could I beat mostly everyone on the street or what :worthy: :worthy: I need your reply a$$ holes
I'm getting a B16A in my 90 HB Si, I'll let you know who I can beat and who I can't.....
get the normal bolt ons i/h/e and some fuel upgrades and your car will be CAPABLE of a mid to high 1/4 mile time... it depends on the drivwer though... here's my rex... and i am completely satisfied. jst make sure that you dont half ass the job like me... spend the extra money and get the right mount kit for the car. well worth the money. only ran it one time and i was vervous as hell and could have probably done better and i still have my A/c cuz it gets BLAZE outside here in MD and i ran 14.92 @ 94MPH... since then, i have done serious mods to the head and fuel and timing upgrades and a 75 shot of zex nitrous. I'll let you know when i run my car again in the spring time when everything is done and right. get 90-91 integra axles.

ive been busy calulating power-to-weight ratios as a guide to who u could beat with a b16 powered rex and it LOOKS like (on paper) could beat:

lexus IS300...i hate those things
Most mercedes benzes except the really fast ones
most BMWs, except the faster ones (w/optional higher output engines)
and 6cyl. stangs
i THINK its faster than a mustang GT, but not a cobra.
hyundai tiburons
...anything slower than those cars

cannot beat a corvette.

your power-to-weight ratio (with stock B16, no mods) would be around 12-14lbs per horsepower. depending on what year/trim line of your rex

ok, if this is totally bunk sorry. but i think its pretty accurate. i used the curb weights and horsepower ratings found in the consumer reports 2003 car buying guide. of course, torque is not taken into consideration.
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Do you need ANY engine bay re-shaping to drop the B16A in or does it bolt right-in with the right after-market mounts?

I think I heard you need one slight hammering or two to put a B18x in.
to be safe, you should bang the frame in right below the hole on the drivers side strut tower. and thats about it.
the rumor is true abt the hasport mounts, for crx's.... and you do have to bang two of the beams to fit the rear mount and the other for the alt pully.... This is my second b16 in crx.. im very happy with them...

when i had my first b16 crx i had simple things, i/h/e/cams/adj cam gears/ fuel mods and gutted...
ran it once on the track with just i/h/e and it ran around 9 in the 1/8... that was before i knew where the 1/4 track was.... never ran it with the other mods done to it... but i did beat a few ls/vtecs, mustangs, 1 camero, i beat a gsr, but i was a better driver and he missed agear... lol he was my neghbor... well its just on doing the job right and driving well!
watch out i have a 91 crx si and dropped in a j-spec b16, then bought 90-91 integra axles. it turned out they where about 1 3/4" to long. they will fit in, but after a couple hundred miles they will rip the fuck out of your hubs or the tranny! i had to get 94 vtec del sol axles.