Is A Z6/zc Hybrid Possible?

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Hey everyone,
I am planning on doing the Mini-Me swap on my 91 CRX si.
I was wondering if it would be possible to make a z6/zc hybrid?
Do the Mini-Me swap and and while im at it,
i've heard about putting ZC Pistons, rods and maybe crank in my factory block to boost compression and get more hp/trq?
Would this work? Would it be worth the time and money spent?
Are their any other ZC or z6 parts that could help out the performance of my motor?
Help with any of these questions would be great!


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SOHC ZC yes you can use a Z6 head
DOHC ZC no way in haites
Pistons in the ZC DOHC are higher compression and they will go on any other D-series rod and are the same size as all honda D-series pistons. So logicly this can be done, what the c/r is dont have a clue.


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I was also wondering about getting a good LSD for my stock 91 SI tranny...
I've heard Phantom Grip LSDs are garbage so what others could i use?
Would any factory trannys equipped with LSD bolt to my D16 and give me better gear ratio?
Any help would be great.


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Your crank is the same as the ZC. Don't change it unless you have to.

If you want a factory LSD transmission, try to find the JDM ZC tranny with the LSD option. I believe that's the only stock setup that you'll be able to find. Aftermarket, there are tons... Quaife, Kaaz, etc.

Phantom Grip isn't a real LSD, by the way. It's basically just a lock/unlock mechanism, and it uses your stock differential.