is this a good deal on wheels?

the sears near me is having a sale on motegi wheels and this is the run-down:

MR7's 15x6.5 (4x100, 4.25 anthracite, 35mm offset, 16.5lbs, backside spacing: 4.875in/124mm)

MR12's 15x7 (4x100, 4.5 anthracite, 40mm offset, 17.5lbs, backside spacing: 5.5in/140mm)

either wheels for $299.00 a set

is this a good deal, and are these wheels any good? which ones should i go with? i have a stock 89 crx dx.


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the price is pretty good .. the rims are a little on the heavy side and they're cast so theyre not gunna be as strong as a forged wheel would be ... but hey if thats no big deal to you and you like the look go for it ... i know a few people that have them and they dont have any complaints
thanks man. The weight was actually one of the big questions I had.

Anyone know what the weight of stock 13" steel wheels are?? (i know, they are ghey, but i still have em) i'd like to know how if the motegis will be lighter.

FYI, i already checked the wheelweight section here, and the weight for 13" steel isnt there.


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join the rota grouip buy man.. just a little more, better style, and much lighter.
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thanks Brian, but actually i was just thinkin i'd jump on the motegis if they were a really good deal. otherwise, im gonna put the wheels purchase off for now. i agree rotas are sweet, and light as hell, and a good deal at alljdm, but to be honest, i hate waiting for stuff in the mail and would rather pay a little more to have them on my car the same day..sorry if i dissapoint. plus there are tons of places to buy wheels out here, so i can probly find something comparable maybe.

BTW, i came across that sale cuase i had to buy a new garage door opener and it just caught my eye.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 1 2002, 02:37 AM
its sears man...


you don't buy cars there

yea, i know. sears sucks, but i figured motegi was a decent brand. wasn't gonna buy the tires from there. was gonna take the wheels over to costco and get tires from there.


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sorry but in my opinion i give it a thumbs down, every single person on earth that rolls up next to me with a riced out import has the motegi's... played out to the maxxx


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Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Oct 1 2002, 03:49 AM
has anyone heard good shit abotu kosei k1 racing.

I run Kosei 16" on my crx. They're light and can take the Pa. pot holes. On problems I've been running them for about a year.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 1 2002, 02:37 AM
its sears man...


you don't buy cars there

well i m not so sure about that.... there is a sear auto dealer ship here in mn but they sell benz's and shit.

i think its not the same thing but who knows
a sears dealership? thats whacked :) i think brian meant "you dont buy car stuff there" lol

"hey, nice car!"
"thanks. i got a great deal on it at sears."
"you got what?!"


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Well, I got my rims there. Not that bad for $350. I only saw two other cars with my rims, and one had the gunmetal 17"s. His camber wasn't adjusted at all. You could see a tilt on the wheels just like this: /-\
No kidding, it was hilarious. It wasn't even dropped that much.

They're holding up really good. It just sucks about the weight. These are 20lbs each.


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Originally posted by paragus@Oct 1 2002, 06:46 PM
are those the wilwoods that i see in that pic???

edit:nm i saw it in another post

yes, those fatty bombatties up front are wilwoods :D yes, you probably did see them in another post :D