Is this a good TB/Manifold setup?

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Im planning on getting the aebs manifold (65inlet) along with a 70mm tb tapered to 65. Will this be good for my setup or is it too big? I'll be getting an rmf header soon to replace the dc. Will be staying na.

2.5 CAI
JDM DC 4-1 Header
Apexi ws 60mm catback
Skunk2 stage 2 cams
Skunk2 valve springs
Skunk2 cam gears
AEM fuel rail
B&M fuel pressure regulator
MSG fuel pressure gauge
MSD 6A-L discharge
MSD Pro cap
MSD Blaster 2 coil and wire
Accel 8.8 mm spark plug wires
Ngk laser platinum spark plugs


Stylus DJ Extraordinaire
Sounds good I think it will work great for you that AEBS IM is supposed to be the ISH
especially for $150.