is this a scam?

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ok so im tring to help my gf buy her first car. shes been searching on craigslist and ebay and found a few that she likes. but some of these cars seem too good to be true to me. what do you gus think?

Honda Insight : $4800 shipped

she emailed him asking him some questions and here are his replies

Hi there ,
Thank you for your interest in my car.This is a 2003 Honda Insight Hybrid ,Exterior Color Silver,Interior Color Gray,Automatic Transmission,non-smoker, clean title,only 113,760 miles on it,VIN# : JHMZE14783T000190.
Here you can find more pictures of the car:
(if the above link does not work copy and paste it into a new web browser window).
The car has been well taken care of, always kept in the garage.Flawless exterior/interior condition,no scratches and no dents.It has never been involved in an accident.The engine starts and drives like new and the paint looks great.It comes with US clear title which will be signed and notorized in the buyer's name.Have original manuals and all keys.
I'm an US Air Force Lieutenant currently stationed in United Kingdom.The car is here with me. It was bought in the US and shipped to Europe, but it was never permanently registered here, the car is still registered in the US.The car is for sale locally as well, but there are slim chances of this to happen. In order to be able to register this car here in UK the buyer would have to pay very high import/custom taxes that will double the price. So I decided to sell the car back in the US.
The price is $4,800.00 including shipping from UK to the US and delivery to your home address.
So if you decide to buy this car or need further information please get back to me as soon as possible.
Thank you
Lt. Michael Wagner

I will have the car shipped from UK by an US Air Force cargo plane so there won't be any additional shipping costs. Also I will arrange for a truck to transport the car to your home address or, if you like, you can pick it up from the nearest airport in your area. The shipping will take 6-8 days, depending on your location.Shipping will be door to door,to your home address,somebody must be home when the car arrives to sign for the reception.The car will arrive with all the papers and documents required for registration and the keys. The clear title and the bill of sale will be already signed by me.
The payment will be done through eBay.You will send the money to
eBay and as soon as the payment is confirmed they will notify me to proceed with the shipping. I will ship the car, you will receive it and you will have 5 days for inspection, both the car and the paperwork and the option to accept or reject the car.The inspection time period will begin as soon as you sign for receiving the car at your requested address.During all this time eBay will hold the money into a trust account.So, this is not a blind transaction,you can see the car before decided to buy it.If you are satisfied with the car and decide to keep it you inform eBay about this and they will release the money to me. If the car is not as advertised and decide not to keep it eBay will refund you the money, no questions asked, and shipping back the car will be my concern. I think this is more than fair for the both of us.Please take in to consideration that I will get paid only after you receive the car and make sure everything is as agreed.

If you agree with these terms and you have the money, send me your full name and the address where you want the car to be delivered to and I will initiate the transaction with eBay. You will receive all the transaction details from them.

I will appreciate an answer as soon as possible.
Thank youMike

now considering that he says hes in the UK this is a flag for me as a scam (out of the country) and ive never heard of this whole "pay through eBay" thing. does ebay even do that? oh and this was listed in a local ad, yet hes out of the country?

i would link the craigslist ad, but its been flagged for removal, again raising suspicion.



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It sounds suspicious to me. I had three different offers for my block on Craigslist and all three potential "buyers" said that they would have their "movers" pick up the block, as they did not have time and would also mail me the money. Be weary my friend and best of luck in finding your girl a car. :thumbsup:


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ok well i just looked 4800 shipped would be cheap. shipping is pain. That is still a lot of mileage on the car :p..

find an old HF you'll get about the same mileage and a little less performance.

second one on the vin search


come on man... are you REALLY even considering purchasing a car overseas?


send me 4800 instead


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also the sticker thing I don't think is right for the vehicles location. Not to mention someone so adamant for shipping it overseas took the tags off yet inspection for it runs out 1-09.

Call him out as a scam, anything like this, i tell them last time I tried shipping a piano overseas but my package was stolen by pirates, along with some crazy story about my dog getting stuck in the dryer.


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I finally read it. it does have title noted in the listing..

However, its still a scam.

If you really want something cool import a Japanese Kei car :ph34r:


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All of those are scams, that's why they're getting flagged down left and right. Don't even waste your time trying to pursue them. Remember the old mantra: "if it seems too good to be's probably a fucking Nigerian scam artist trying to pull some bullshit..."


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B im not trying to buy anything, my gf didnt believe me when i said they sounded like scams lol. but IF if were legit, the guy said he was in the millitary, and brought his car from the US to the UK. and selling it back in the US. the car isnt from the UK.


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dude no, i wouldn't touch that with a ten foot poll, my parents just went through the same kind of thing like that they never bought the car, never paid anything but we founf out the seller was a scammer.

If you really want the car run the VIN and see where it tells you that thing is registered, with my parents this lady said she was in florida but the car was registered in wyoming, she told us it was here in texas and thats where it had always been, just got to be careful man


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yeah most craigslist ads with a gmail addy are scams and get removed.. def it says it has been flagged for removal! it is a scam through and through!


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I would rather have a Starbucks Espresso... haha but no who wouldn't love a Cappuccino... pretty cool to look at for one thing!


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Id have to go with the Suzuki Alto Works.
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