Is this machine shop trying to rip me???

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Hi guys, Have a b18b1 (89,000 miles Ran Great No Smoke No knock)
I decided to strip it down and rebuild it while its still healthy and also because its not my daily driver.
Just doing rings/bearings/bolts/gaskets.
Re-using rods and pistons.
Cylinders still have factory crosshatches visible with no ridge and are smooth.
Pistons look great to.
ANYWAYS, go down to the machine shop with my disassembled block and immediately they take me and my parts inside. They looked at my block and said I needed to bore it over. He also told me that installing arp rod bolts is a waste of money, because the rods never fail there. He insisted the block also be decked. Told me my block had blown the head gasket probably 3 times. Said he sees honda pistons shink .030-.040 thousands from overheating. He wouldnt just hone the block for me. Anyways i took my things and left. I feel like he was trying to rip me off. This engine ran fine. So why do i need to bore it over and deck the block? Its never overheated.
PICS coming


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I understand the frustration. I'd get a couple opinions, see if your friends have any shops they recommend. I found mine based of a recommendation And I've been happy with the work they did so far.