Is This Setup Reliable

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I was wonder if the b18b turbo setup is reliable and will be a fairly good daily driver. I am planning on only boosting about 6-10psi. Also where can i buy pieces for a turbo kit because i want to build my own turbo kit but want to use new parts not junkyard parts. Also do you think this will be cheaper than buying a kit.
Just as everyone else has said: It is only as reliable as you build it. What I mean by that is the setup will be reliable if you do it right. I would get the block honed, get a block guard (so the cylinders don't warp), and depending on how much boost you want to push get stronger rods and pistons (most people get JE pistons and Crower rods). After the block is good and strong then make sure it is tuned right, ignition timing, cam timing etc....
sounds like me when i got my first turbo set up.

get a small nissan turbo from the yard runs $60
(alot of labor to pull nissan 300z)
buy a intercooler from ebay around $300 front mount and nice.
as 4 the pipeing hook up with a muffler shop they can make all the piping.

$1200 will get u a pretty nice setup with a small turbo