It runs! Well kinda...

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Got to drive my fiat x19 with the b series finally. Thanks everyone for their help. Now I have another question. Is it possible to adjust the cam positioning with the front covers on? Here is the issue. After putting the motor in we discovered the previous owner of the engine was off a tooth (counter clok wise ) on the intake. I really really don't want to take the engine back out.



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in a Honda/Acura it is completely possible to adjust the timing belt/cams with the engine in the car
you SHOULD be able to do it
but I don't know how you have that mounted in the x19 so i cannot say for certain

you will need to remove the valve cover and the top half of the plastic timing belt cover
get everything to the TDC position
loosen the bolt on the timing belt tensioner (there is a hole for this in the lower half of the timing belt cover)
make your adjustments
re-tension the timing belt
tighten the tensioner bolt
put the covers back on


Not yet. Softball yesterday, all day tournament. Easterling today. Going to see if I can reach the tensioner bolt tomorrow during my lunch break. Softball after work. Tuesday after work i finally have time. Getting a 0 degree ect reading from my tunerview and really want to sort that out before any real driving. Kinda want to know if I am over heating. Because of the long trek to the radiator as well as the odd plumbing to match the fiats, air pockets are very possible.



UPDATE and pics: Tomorrow I am going to attempt to move the cam. I did a run during lunch (its currently at a friends house that has a better garage) and I think I can fit the 14mm socket and wrench on the tensioner without pulling the engine. Glad I dont have to remove the bolt because there isnt room for that, but should be room to loosen it. I Also learned that the Vtec pressure sensor has the same plug as the ECT. Amazing View attachment 25962 when I plug the ECT socket into the ECT sensor I get a coolant temperature. Go figure. my bad. Found I have a trans leak where the VSS is. This trans was originally a cable speedo and I dropped in an electronic. I dont think it is sealing well. ugh. any thoughts?


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This may be even cooler than rear engine K swap CRX my friend has... props to you man. That's special. I'd offer advice but I'd just be echoing the sentiments of the people who posted before me.