It Won't Start.......

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My buddy just replaced some internals on my D16Y8, it started fine and ran a little rough, then he noticed a small water leak, it was the head gasket and so we replaced that, now it won't start. The car has sat for 6 months and I don't think the gas went bad, the distributor points are a little corroted, there are no error codes from the ecu, everything is hooked up perfect, the car won't even throw a cough out. What could it be ? Rember, it started last time before we replaced the gasket, it was running rough, but it ran !!! ANY SUGGESTIONS, WHAT SHOULD WE CHECK ? :unsure:
Fuses,relays...hard to say,it isn't even turning (starter?)
There is spark !!! Its really weird, my buddy has never run into a problem like this. Everything is hooked up fine and no ecu problems, he can't figure it out. PLEASE HELP.
Great, i'm trying to get ahold of my buddy. He won't answer his phone. I'll let you know what happens. He was thinking that the gas was going bad !!! He thought maybe adding some kind of booster (VODKA, LOL) to get it going. Could the gas be a problem, it has been sitting in the tank for 6 months in a garage.
I doubt gas will get so bad it wouldn't at least cough.
if it has been sitting for that long it is quite possible. Water can collect in the gas tank and that is never good.
You can check fuel delivery by cracking (just loosen a very little but) the banjo line and see if fuel is passing through the rail.If it is then,you've already checked for spark,so that really only leaves timing.Even if there is water in the system,if it is getting to the injectors,it should be at least trying to start.
a tank of gas will last more than a year. i doubt its the actual gas.
however- it could very well be a fuel problem. check the lines, injector clips, fmu vacuum line, and so foth
squirt some gas into the throttle body and see if it hickups if not then the timing is way off becuase you know you have fuel
Thanks all for the help, got it running, not sure what it was, just took it apart and re hooked up again. Started right up, except the damn machine shop guy didn't do his job right, my head is still warped, so the head and block need to be machined again, another few days without my car !!! But thanks all for the help, this place rocks.