Itr, Gsr Or B16a

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Camshaft just went on my d16z6. Trying to figure out if I should just drive the car without breaking 5,000 rpm's for 2 months and save for a b-series, or if I should replace the cam. Just for ideas, (working with a limited money supply) What motor will be more worth the money? Keep in mind i'm not trying to build "a super-duper street racing machine" but still want a descently fast car. What swap would be the best for what i'm looking for and how much would it cost??


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trade me cars and give me like $1500 cash and there ya go haha. If you want something soon i say go Ls or Zc. Those aren't too hard to find and do pretty decent.


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In a CRX stay with the Z6. It'll get REALLY fun with a mild turbo kit like the GReddy.

Also, which cam did you install?


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dude, pic any of the above. well maybe not a boosted d-series cause you will have to get custom axles and replace the tranny more often than with a b series, but you will be happy with a b16, b18b, or b18c. they are all good tuning platforms. just pic one.