Itr Or Supercharged Gsr Motor?

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I was planing on buying an itr motor, then today my friend suggested I just get a gsr and slap a superchager on the stock gsr motor. He claim booth would run me around the same price, and that the gsr might be an easier swap, because my car is an obd0, the itr motor is an obd2, and the gsr moter that i would get is an obd1.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
im not a fan of superchargers at all. and SC'ed gsr will cost you more than an itr swap will. figure 4800 for an itr, 3300 for a gsr, 2800 for a jackson. you do the math.

we just finished Eric's itr swap... the thing chips third at half throttle when it hits the high lobe. and no, the tires aren't shitty. he has 5-lug swap with pole position so-2's. not a crap tire by any means.

with doing the itr, you also get the LSD tranny with better gears for acceleration under N/A circumstances.
i think it already is.... im not sure? i thought it was.... if not, theres always the SiR b16 cable tranny
ok cool, who do you think would sell the kit? pissedoffsol ihave a question for you. People have been telling me that if I just cut the obd0 plugs off my wiring harness (the ones that plug into the alternator, dizzy, fuel injectors), and replace them with obd2 plugs that I would be able to use the obd2 stuff (dizzy, alternator, etc..) with an obd1 ecu. I just thought id ask you, because you seem to really know your stuff.
Go with a modded gsr! Eventhough for 5k you can get a decent b20/vtec or ls/vtec setup!
crvtec if done right and replacing parts with aftermarket for a "nice" gain. Will run you more along 6-8k.

I would go with the GSR. I dont think the ITR is worth all of the money. It is for someone who wants to swap and leave it be, but if you are question for more perofrmance. You can get aftermarket shit for the price of ITR stuff.. JDM ITR complete manifold is 600 (from a friend).. now, of course, i praise him and his business, but you can get a skunk2, which is almost the same thing and a type r TB and shit for probably less money.

HASport has one coming in acouple of weeks, if not already out. They told Eric about 2 weeks ago it wasn't coming out for another 3 or so weeks b/c its still in testing.
i disagree- the ITR platform is a great one to start a build on. there is zero reason to keep it any more stock than a stock gsr in your car.

ractive- check your pm.