itr pistons

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No, it won't be worth it. Better pistons, but not worth it.

Only thing thats worth it is aftermarket pistons, or CTR pistons.



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right, but an overall higher c/r right? so in theory it would produce more power. Not alot, but some.

in a gsr motor -

usdm itr -10.8
jdm itr -11.3
b16 - i can't remember, 10.0 i think

putting itr pistons in a b16 will LOWER the compression.

the pistons have a smaller dome, and thus, make less compression


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Well, what the fuck. Those are alot cheaper than the itrs I had in my car. and mine were only 10.8:1. Wish I had known that.... Are you noobs paying atention? :p j/k

Dude, that calculator is sick. good hookup. so ctr pistons in a b20/vtec with a b16 head, stock deck height, stock head gasket is 13.0:1 c/r ...... wow.... B)
yes, but they dont fit the rods. lol

b16a/ls/b20 pistsons and rods will interchage
gsr/itr/ctr pistons and rods will interchange


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they will work on the b16 or ls rods you just have to have them machined down a bit so they fit because the rods are a little thicker on the b16 and ls. a machine shop can get them to work