itr powered civic with juice

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ok so last night i drive to the circle K to get some beer this guys sees my car and comes over and starts to talk car with me turns out this retard was running 100 shot NOS with no fuel mang nothing done to the fuel delivery i tried to tell him that the C/R was too high in that engine but he refused and told me i was wrong he said something about a port and polish correct me if i am wrong but A isn't that something that you get when you have nothing else left to by and it has very little effect on you being able to run a 100 shot direct port mind you well i guess i will see this weekend when i go out to the races see his piston shooting out of his hood oh yeah he told me that the only way to lower the C/R was to stroke it fucking rich moron he is going to blow a 5000$ engine and i hope i am there to see it
fuck punctuation it is over rated not to mention it fucks up my typing cause i don't know exactly where they are on the keyboard
A P&P will have nothing to do with being able to run a 100 shot. It's not that a P&P won't do anything until later in the'll still see gains from it whenever you do it, but it becomes more necessary (and more noticeable) as you build your engine.
that guy was me! lol...nope, cuz I would run a 150shot on a 12:1 engine...ahh yeah! that guy was a knob...I would like to see him melt some valves and pistons for sure!
just went and hung out with the guy he actually is a nice guy just missinformed he thought that opening up the ports would add more air and the ecu would compensate with more fuel there was another guy that had an itr he had the exact same set up lucky for them they ran into me they both just got thier cars back with the nwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaasssssssssss they have only ran it though thier engines five times hopfully they take my advise and get hondata if not oh well i hope i am there to see it oh yeah and i of course pluged the site to all the guys that actually had a little go :)