ITR Sway bar parts list

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Part list for ITR sway bar

By: Chet

These parts are OEM Acura and can be found at dealerships and/or online OEM part distributors. Here's what you need:

* 52300-ST7-Z01 rear swaybar
* 52315-ST7-Z01 swaybar bushing (2 needed)
* 52308-SS0-000 bushing bracket (2 needed)
* 52316-ST7-Z00 endlink bushing (2 needed)
* 52312-ST7-Z00 endlink bushing collar (4 needed) – reusable from the stock sway bar
* 90175-ST7-Z00 bolt (8x35) (2 needed)
* 94050-08080 flange nut (8mm) (2 needed)