Itr Tach Into An Ls?

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:worthy: Im gonna have a new redline with upgraded head etc, I have an ls teg, can I just swap in a tach from an itr, or the whole gauge cluster? Or is there a new face I could get? Any suggestions, I want to be able to read higher revs as well as just have the correct redline showing. Thanks
gsr cluster will fit, so will itr cluster.

just means switching gauge clusters...which is pretty easy, i've done it in my civic 6 or 7 times now.
Would a new tach need to be calibrated? You can't just throw in a ITR cluster and expect 5krpms to be actually 5k rpms, right?
Thats kinda what I was wondering. Anyone know for sure?
gauge clusters are not 100% accurate...but they don't need to be calibrated.

the cluster just interprets what the sensors show and displays that information.