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well,ive been here a little over a year,and earned the title of HS GREMLIN,its time to pass the torch,so wat im going to do is get a little vote going,my two first coices are as listed,feel free to vote for them or add your own choice,final decision will be made as a whole from the members,and itd be cool if te gremlin would have to wear the name undr there here goes,,

all in favor of little gremlin stayin with injen until further notice say "aye"

how about we vote for an upgraded name instead? hmmmm how about "trOn?"

troy but dave chappelle gansgta style
i say no on tron,because that's one of my favorite video games and movie lol. so im gonna stick with gremlin
well i tried gremli...ughh ingen.

gremlin stays!

Plus how is Despain a gangsta grmelin? He more like.....toasty or something.

cjvictoria is more like.....hell i dont know. thats got me stumped.
not really. Its got to just pop up you know? your name was just a perfect fluke. You cant just go and nickname every noob here. geez
it's ok, you're not alone injen....


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