it's friday the 13th

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wow, awesome. a serial killer died on Friday the 13th, that makes for a great movie. wonder if he liked dying.

on a side not, Im not driving anywhere. It's raining, it's the 13th, it's a Friday. This all = no good for Brian.
that sucks, its beautiful outside here in pa where im at. A lil on the cool side, but really nice out none the less.

And maybe i shouldnt be workin under the car today if its friday the 13th :ph34r:
uh oh, i got a softball game tonight..hopefully it wont be the end of our winning streak...


Originally posted by civicious@May 13 2005, 09:12 PM
Hey, I got approved for another loan for a motor today...


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Sounds like Ms. Fortune has some delayed badluck in store for you.
yea it truly was a weird day...among other things that went bonkers, one of my coworkers got pegged for doing coke