I've locked my keys in the car before, but .....

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Installed an RFID system into my car, and put an rfid chip into the sole of every pair of my shoes so I wouldn't get locked out of my car anymore. There were other benefits, but yeah...

I think I got locked out of my EJ9 about 15 times in about 15 months. That car didn't have that "hey asshole, you left your keys in the ignition" sound. ADAC (the german AAA) guys in my area got to know me pretty well. Nothing is more embarassing than when the guy recognises you and says "Again, yeah?" when he comes up to the car.
i've never in my life locked my keys in the car. not once. believe it or not.

I do, however, have to replace my garage-to-house door from the NYE incident... lol
I'm pretty sure that I cannot lock my keys in the Si. If I hit the lock button with the key in the ignition it won't lock it. Gotta love honda ingenuity.

BDN locked his keys in his truck last month. It was pretty funny.
wow, my gf locked her keys in the car again like 20 min ago. i think i did once in my trunk, hangared the window.
edit: luckily she wasn't on an ice floe (i think)
she gets extra points for:
a dying cellphone
needing to drive around for work
this happening while i am 20 mi from my car and at work
not being the first time
no one but me having extra key
keeping fob and key on same ring
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