i've posted a bunch of houses before....

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but this one is getting posted here, so no one bogarts me :p


house is old as shit 1890, but its been remodeled. i'm going for a showing ASAP.

5-bay garage... and its in a commercial zone, so later down the line, i will be able to sell it easy to a business, or the neighbor looking to put in a plazza or something.

its like 5 houses down from AJ's car audio... has a river in the back, and has a 5-bay garage.

did i mention it has a 5-bay garage?

asking price is 179k. i can afford that on my own. ~950-1000 a month for the mortgage. 550 for the car, and i still have 700 bucks left a month for bills, etc.

there's like no lawn... its pretty much one big driveway and garages.

shitty for picnics or whatever, but a perfect useful place.


its on a busy road. a state route as a matter of fact.

but the garages are well hidden behind the house. (they are L-shape i beleive; 3down, 2 across kinda...)


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Originally posted by Bob Vila@Aug 4 2005, 10:43 AM
Thats going to suck to shovel....
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i'll buy a quad with a plow... or, when E leaves his quad at my place, we can get a plow attched to it :p

or, i can put a 1972 bronco with a plow in a bay and only use it when it snows. lol it will be nice to have the spare bays.

3 for me (hopefully 2 if i can toss the sol)
2 or 3 left

1 for tools/shit.
1 or 2 for rent to the buds for quads/spare cars, etc :)

the house isn't exactly small either...


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got some more pics....






kitchen looks real nice. its actually better looking than i thought it would e. i was expecting 1890-looking crap.. lol


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ya know what, i'm moving it to the lounge.... theres no need to make this hidden. Clayton already has a house... lol
ya know what, i'm moving it to the lounge.... theres no need to make this hidden. Clayton already has a house... lol

you guys have all the cool threads hidden don't you?~!?!?!?

that looks like a sweet ass house B
hop on it asap


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there is no mod forum :ph34r:

so what if some one died there... people die all the time.

hell, half the shit you get at junkyards, chances are, someone at least got pretty hurt in the car....


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i just ran a mortgage calculator... with 20k down, and paying it for asking price at 5.5%, its about 880/month.

sweet :)
If I could find a house around where I live for even close to that amount,,,it would be a trailer. How the hell can conn. be that cheap...my god... B thats a great place to be. With a commercial zones property, you could open a fast food resturant or damn near anything you want... SOOO JEALOUS!!!


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this is one of the cheapest houses i've seen that actually is liveable. most i've been looking at were in the 250-300 range... but i just can't afford that shit.

this house is cheap probably because of the com. zoned land. theres no lot. its just a bi9g ass drive way, and a house on a state high way with a shit load of traffic.

if i had kids or a wife, i probably wouldn't want this house either.... but for me, its fine for now :)
Hell with all that road traffic...seems like a great opp to use a stall for a honda parts biz on the weekend while your out there anyway. OR at least you might have better luck selling the del sol this time... ;)
Originally posted by alaskancodkiller@Aug 4 2005, 03:26 PM
open a lemonade stand....hahgaghag
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word yo

cool house, the kitchen is pretty nice, and 5 bays is key. nicest out of all the ones i've seen here so far.


Looks good B. Hope it all works out for you man. Five bay = the hotness!
That house is FUGLY.

179k for that shit? Damn, you need to move. Come to TX. Buy a 4 bedroom 3 bath brick two story home with a fucking pool. A NEW house at that.. I cant... Damn...