Jared's 96 Midori hatch K swap build

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So here goes my long journey with a car I'll never get rid of.

The day I got it:

It was lowered on ebay coilovers and had a bone stock b16a swapped into it. Also had those horrible black wheels on it.



Ended up swapping over my skunk2 lowering struts and springs and my rota grids over to the hatch


Bought some enkei Rpf-1's off here and ended up changing to some Buddy club n+ coilovers.

Drove the car that way for a few months and ended up dropping a valve so I started a complete rebuild of the entire car.


Engine bay: (which is now going back Midori)

Brake tuck:

Wanted to stay b series so I ordered a b16a from Hmotorsonline.

It sat in my shop for about 6 months then I swapped it into my eg hatch because the ls I had in it took a crap.

Was going to buy another b16a but decided to go bigger.


04 k20a2 from a rsx type s.

I just started gathering parts for this swap so I'll update the thread as I get everything.
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I still think of those RPF-1s from time to time. :lol: Glad they made their way onto a beautiful hatch that looks to only be getting better.
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Its going to end up getting 5 lug swapped soon, so I might be putting the rpf1's on my 92 hatch.

I love the way those wheels look on the car though. I'm glad I got them off you. Lol
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Nice. They do look awesome one there. I've always liked them on Midori hatches. If you ever decide to get rid of them let me know. I may have a 91 hatch with all my Si's go fast parts getting swapped over in the works soon. ;)
This car is going to be a legit ground up build. I'm using all Oem 96-98 ctr interior and exterior parts. it's going to be pretty expensive but it will be worth it to me. It also might take a while for this car to get finished lol. I'll try to get pictures of everything I do.
Sounds awesome, Im definitely in on this build! a clean midori hatch with a K is certainly fap worthy :)
Got my clutch and flywheel today. Going to be running a stage 2 comp clutch with the comp lightweight flywheel


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My chasebays tucked CM2 harness is on the way.

It has the milspec quick disconnect harness plug so if I ever pull this engine I won't have to remove any plugs from the engine.

I also have a CM1 obd1 b series harness for 96-98 civics for sale if anyone is interested. Its brand new never installed.
Think I figured out how I want my exhaust to be ran. I was planning on running the Mugen twin loop but can't find one at a decent price.

I was looking around on k20a.org and found this:


I really like the look of this I just really wish I could find a video of this car so I can hear what it sounds like
Mine will have a muffler. Lol. I just want something that looks that clean

Looks great! If a clean Midori hatch popped up near me I'd be all over it. Keep the pics coming! What are your plans for the motor? Leave it stock or build it up? The twin loop is by far the best sounding exhaust for any high revving Honda. Are there any replica exhausts on ebay? I know that the imitators have gotten really good at making headers. Maybe the same applies for the catback??
I got 2.5" cat to a 2.5"-3.0" transition to a 3" resonator to a 3" muffler....it's pretty loud. (K20A)

The exhaust pictured looks like 2.5" (which "can" be quieter) but without a muffler.....loud.

Twin loop are quieter.
I have 3" all the way from the collector. 22" long resonator and magnaflow muffler in the rear. Sounds real nice on my B18C.
Ahhh I'm playing the waiting game on parts. This sucks.

Still haven't decided on the exhaust, If I can find a Mugen twinloop for a decent price then I'm going to jump on it.
Hopefully going to pick up a ITR 5 lug swap with wheels this week and swapping my RPF-1s onto my other hatch along with my rear disc brakes. Harness should be here within the next two weeks. There is just so much stuff involved with doing a k swap. lol