JDM b-series transmission plus lsd (oil)


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so i got a JDM B-series transmission w/LSD (don't know the code off the top of my head) and i'm putting it into my 95 civic with the integ swap (original tranny blew last november) at any rate, does it need any special oil, or will the same motor oil from the engine do?


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A few of the local shops around here recommend using a straight 30 weight oil, I have used both this and honda MTF and, to my ablility to judge, they preform about equally.

Is it an OEM lsd, I know some after market ones recommend an additive, not sure about the oem though.


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fuck GM, its like $12 a bottle. pensoil is the actual company that makes synchomesh for gm. so go to auto zone, and buy some pensoil synchromesh. its like $5 a bottle and its the exact same thing. oh, and it wont be with the other tranny fluids, its with the gear lube.