JDM b16 SIR 2 in 94 VX

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Ok. Im about to order my motor from OsakaJdmMotors.. Im ordering the b16 SIR 2. First I want to know if this a good place to order a engine from. I aslo herd i could use my old motor mounts. I just want to know what other problems im going to run into.


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Yea but those motors are expensive
and I allready went to that site and all they
had was b16a3


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It took a week for me to get my engine, well, 7 BUSINESS days, and i live in virginia. Sent it from cali.


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Originally posted by freddwit2dz@Jul 14 2005, 08:01 PM
Yea but those motors are expensive
and I allready went to that site and all they
had was b16a3
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whats wrong with the b16a3 :blink: mine works just fine and damn proud to have it in my crx :p


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osaka is the bigest shit hole fucking bullshit place out there
ive seen and heard more horror stories out of them (and all the other names they try to use) than all the other places combined
blown engines
shot trannies
incomplete engines
missing parts
broken parts
hacked up harnesses
i would NEVER buy ANYTHING from them

i got my motor from hmotorsonline.... it came quickly... in better condition than i would have immagined... and steve even threw in the shift linkage i needed for the sol
i have seen several engines from HMO and they all look and perform great


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unitex trading is off the shelf. i bought my motor and 4 or my other friends. They give you good paperwork and the engine is really clean and reliable. No missing parts, they even gave me the radiator, reservior and ac parts. same for my freinds too. I bought from them a GSR and my friends bought some B18B and B16


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I ordered mine from hmotorsonline. The motor looks to be in good condition but I havent gotten it to run properly in a month and a half. I has been into 4 shops, 2 being honda performance. They all think the mechanical timing is wrong. I havent had a chance to crack the valve cover off to see. but thats my story.