jdm b16a obd0 going in a 93 civic hatch????

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ok guys i got this JDM b16a obd0 from my boy.... so yes got it for free...j/k...just to use for now so im not trying to spend money at all and use what i have, i have heard a b16 wit a ls tranny is bad due to long gears on a high reving motor but i just want it to wrk and drive ...please bear with me..

ok i know my car is a obd1 car with the wires and all...i use to run a obd1 Ls turbo on my hatch, i was planning to swap out the obd0 stuff and replace it wit these obd1 parts......so hows this sounds..... obd1 Ls dizzy ( i know i have to mod it by cutting 1 of the leg off), my 450cc dsm injectors (obd1), my throttle body(obd1), my obd1 wire harness nd wire up for vtec(i already did research on it) looks easy, my innovative mount kit, my hydro Ls tranny since it didnt come with 1, my shift linkage, and i just have to get a p28 from somewhere.... so with all this being stated what am i missing to make this swap work on my obd1 car....let me know what im missing and any advise will really help, btw this is my first vtec swap so please let me know whats good....thanx!!!
you got everything you need listed, but don't use the 450cc injectors. everything else you have you will be good to go.