Jdm B16a Sir Ii Wont Pass Smog. Anyone In Bay Area

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Hey my JDM B16a wont pass smog. I was wondering if anyone one of you live in the bay area and knows anyone who can hook me up with the smog check. I live in oakland,ca
I might be able too help,

first what did u do fail was it just the inspection? or did they hook u up to the machine and fail? I'll talk to my friend and see what i can do? if you failed on the machine and was registered as a gross then there isn't anything i can do. I'll give the details later...

Hit me up


you got mail :D

well, it's one of those pass or dont pay thing. So i just asked them if they hook my car to the machine and see if it pass smog or not. Turns out it dont pass. Due to no CAT. And it's a Japanese motor. Japanese and U.S. have different smog regulations. I did not give him the DMV papers or anything. He just hook it up to the machine. And they say it's running too rich. email me with more info.

Just because it's a Japanese motor doesn't mean you don't need a cat in Cali.

You do.

If you get one and install it you should pass no problem.
there i bunch of things that you can do but i m not sure of them all. the 1st thing i would do is get a cat, if your exhaust has one of tho's silencers put it in. one more thing beat on your real hard before you bring it it in. that is all i can remember.
i do not think a silencer has anything to do with it... I too live in the bay area...
What kind of car do you have and what gen b16 is your motor???
I just helped one of my buddies 90 civic DX hatch to pass with a B16sir2, and an OBD1 conversion...
What we did to pass...
first time:
we went to the ref place at skyline collage...
opened the hood of the car, and the ref said that the motor better be obd2 or say B16a3 on it of he will not even look at it. We then turned around and left.

Second time:
took it to Fremont at like a sequoia institute ref station
told the ref it was from a del sol VTEC
he wanted to see the cat and make sure it was atleast up to DelSol VTEC specifications, by luck it was...
My buddy also had his stock civic muffler put back on too...
He passed, without any other problems.

if you have questions e-mail PM or IM them to me...
sweet, glad to hear you got that car passed Maasey
okay this might be a little off the subject, but yet again it should help you out. i've been planning on swapping a JDM B16a SiR I into my CRX. after speaking with smog officials and refs and going thru the bureau of automotive repair in sacramento, and with the help of some folks at a motorsport shop in union city, we've found a way to completely make that B16 100% smog legal. A smog ref can give you an official BAR tag signifying it's legality here in california.

get the USDM intake manifold from the delsol with the B16 and convert to OBD-I either by rewiring or obtaining a conversion harness and that should set you legit. oh, and you'll need a cat.
what if i dont want to add a CAT on. I heard by adding a CAT will lose HP! What if i dont want to do it the legit way
Originally posted by Akirazian@Jan 10 2003, 12:21 PM
what if i dont want to add a CAT on. I heard by adding a CAT will lose HP! What if i dont want to do it the legit way

if loosing 1-2 maybe even 3 Horse power is a big deal to you, then i would not do it. But in the e-mail i sent you i told you to put all that stuff on just for the smog test you cannot pass smog with out it. Plus if you get pulled over for not having a cat and your exaust is too loud. You are going to wish you bought that cat, when you are paying 1500 to get your car out of impound. And if you do not want to do it legit, that is your own risk that you are taking...Personally it was a little hard to get that BAR sticker, but now when it comes time to do my car, i am not going to trip that hard. if you want to do it ILLEGALLY, find a hook up.
I have a 88 civic with a jdm b16a obdo in it. Just wondering if you go to a ref how long do you get to do the repairs needed. I am going to say its a dohc del sol engine and im in fremont. I was wondering what air cleaner and exhaust manifold do I need. I got e bay headers and intake. Can I buy a carb leagel intake and header for a del sol? Also I need to know if a p28 computer is ok. Im affraid if I go to the ref they might make a insane list of things to fix thats more than the car is woth. I love this car and its fun to drive.
you should probably start your own thread and leave the 4 yr old one alone.. :D .. then i'll help
Please make a post in a tech forum, not the lounge.
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