JDM B20 for 3rd gen prelude

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Apparently the JDM B20 has 160 hp, and, if the H22 swap proves too costly, I want the B20. Does anyone know where to find it? :shrug2:
Well, $%&* me with a stick! Hes right!

I've never seen or heard of this engine before and I wouldn't know where to start looking. From honda.jp's site the engines seem identical. Same bore, stroke and compression. Too bad they don't give an a5 or something at the end of the b20a. It came in the '85- '86. The '88 came with the a series and in '89 they went to the f20.

To see for yourselves go here: http://www.honda.co.jp/HOT/ModelData/accor...-505/index.html

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The B20A that you are referring to bolts directly into 2nd gen preludes. I don't think that the third gen engine bay is the same. Just something to keep in mind.
spiffyguido: If he uses the 3g mounts it should bolt up the same. A b20a is a b20a is a b20a. At least thats my theory.

prelude2004: See my responce on h-t.com.

Slammed90Lude: 1hp= 1.1ps


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dude, JDM B20A5 does not have 160 HP- where the hell did you see that?

First, dude, there is no JDM b20a5 engine. It would be a JDM b20a.

Second, the 2nd gen Preludes in Japan featured a rare found b20* engine that was rated at 160hp. Very rare. Honda however switched over to a lower power engine (JDM b20a @ 140hp) for some unknown reason for the 88-91's. This rare b20a engine will NOT bolt up to a 3rd gen lude. Not happening.

b20a = JDM 140hp
b20a3 = USDM carb 100-something HP
b20a5 = USDM 135hp
b20a7 = EURO, 150hp

There is one other I am missing, it might be the b20a2... I think that one is EURO too though.
Not taken as a diss, I'm just trying to understand this engine since its new to me.

For the record, there is a b20a5. I checked the Helms.

I still disagree about it fitting the 3g Lude tho. From looking at the Helms and the pics on links you posted and the pics someone on 3geez posted for me, it looks like the mount brakets on the engine and tranny would have to be changed to the 140hp b20 for it to fit the Lude. Other than that, the bolt locations look to be the same. In addition, I guess its this JDM Accords b20 3g Luders have been installing and not the b20 out of the JDM 3g Ludes like I previously thought since its the same 145hp I've heard from them. Till I have more detailed info, I stick to my theory.
After some more research and realizing that I think I've been chasing my tail, I've come to this conclusion. The importers I've talked to say that the JDM b20 with 145hp is a Prelude engine but I'm thinking differently now. I believe the engine you're talking about is the same engine 3g Luders have installed into their cars. You'll need to mix and match allot of things thats not normally needed on a typical swap. Go to the first site for a detailed description on how to get this b20 usdm friendly so you don't have to import stuff like the timing belt. The other three are 3g Lude sites. I know UT-34 and Daily Interlude from Team Interlude did a JDM b20 swap so they'll be better able to help you. If they didn't use that same Accord engine, post back cause I've got some other ideas that could help you to swap that engine into the 3g.



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i have an 89 lude with the B20A motor it is rated at 160hp and 140lbs of torque extremely good motor, the only thing u have to change is the mounts on the b20a5 block and put them on the b20a, easy fix to ur problem. only problem with 88-91 ludes is not a whole lot of aftermarket support, but other than that the motor will rock most vtecs, if done correctly!


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and yes there is a B20A5 it came factory in my 89 2.0 si lude that motor is trash, just swap it out with the JDM B20A extremely good motor plenty of potential if u do the right things to it, will rock most vtecs stock! sohc vtecs really pose no threat to this motor, but dohc are a more rivaling adversary.

daily interlude

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How do you know it's 160hp? From what the JDM importer said (or where ever you got it)? If it bolts up to the 3g, it's not the 160 hp as the JDM b20a that's 160hp is for the 2g ludes and 3g accords (it bolts up to them...not the 3g lude).

And the 3g lude JDM b20a is only like 2-3 more HP than your B20a5. if it feels stronger, then your b20a5 was already dying while you where driving it still...


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yes there was a JDM b20 with 160hp...but. it was only for the 3g accord and honda vigors. the motors tilts foward. as opposed to yours which tilts towards the firewall. you cannot put this motor in your car. there will be oiling issues do to the TILT. yes it sucks that an accord got 160 and the lude only got 145. 150 fo si states model. but check this this out. H22 Mounts - Group Buy - Preludepower.com

you'll want to get in on this.
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