JDM EK B16A Swap Question!


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Just asking for some few tech questions regarding the swap for a JDM EK B16A into a EG DX Hatch. I know that there are going to be some wirirng modification that I have to do. For one thing, is the engine harness reversed because it came out from a right hand drive car? Since the Engine wiring harness is a OBD2, is it better for me to find a Engine wiring harness and ECU from a 94-95 Del Sol VTEC? Also are there any headers that anyone can recommend? If possible, I don't really want to do any cutting. I would rather buy a after market header that I can bolt on.
Your folks info would be greatly appreciated. :D


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-no the harness is not reversed, the harness wires in a JDM harness are going to the drivers side of your car and some wires will not be long enough to reach the passenger side of the car and will have to be lengthened

-get an OBD I ecu designed to run a B16a, whether it be a a P30 or a reprogrammed P28

-you can use a USDM OBD II or OBD I wiring harness as outlined here (http://www.hondaswap.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29813) however the pinouts there are for a P72 gsr ecu- you need to add wires for vtec and knock sensor and evap (you don't need to worry about IAB, you don't have one)

-you'll need to run a wire to ECU pin position A4 for vtec solenoid, a wire to D6 for the vtec oil pressure sensor, a wire to the chassis for vtec ground, a wire to pin position D3 for the knock sensor, wire to pin location D6 for vtec pressure switch, a wire to pin location A20 for Evap purge solenoid and a 12v power sourse for the evap purge power if they're not already there

-you'll also need to do the 1 wire to 4 wire o2 sensor conversion which is outlined here http://www.hondaswap.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33248

-i hope i covered everything, good luck and happy swapping