JDM H22A Is it a good idea?

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I was wondering, i have a 1997 Civic HB CX, and i want to put a JDM H22A motor in it. Is it a good idea? Or i will just kill my self in the first 2 minutes i'm gonna go drive with it??

Those it fit easly in the engine bay?? i know it needs Hasport motor mount to install the motor. But will have to take off A/C or power steering??
When cornering will the motor be too heave and make me lose controle of the car??

Thanks for all the info.
You can tell me everything you know about that swap. or maybe you know some one that has done it?
Thanks for the help.
OvCrash :unsure:
Thanx for all the information.

But i think i'm gonna take out the A/C anyways i don't have it in my Civic. And can i take out the Power Steering or should i leave it ???

And does the Civic Stock Hood still fits when i put the H22A in it?? And if i have a lowered suspension will the bottom of the headers touch the ground??

Are they any kind of modification i gonna have to do to the frame of the car, or with HASport motor mounts everything is gonna be Ok??

Thanx for all that info. Helps me alot.
People are great in this forum!! Thanks Alot
I'm not running any power steering in my 3,000-lb Accord, and it's not bad at all. You might miss it at first in a tight parking lot or when parallel parking, but eventually you'll get used to it.
i dont have power steering in my civic..and its fine..i got a DX so it didnt even come with the car. And yea the h22a will fit with your stock hood. and will your headers touch the ground??? depends on how much you lowered it. If its lowered within reason no they will not hit.
im sorry but im a big fan of my power steering and ac... i think thats one of the pros of having the monster... i dont care about the 3 hp i could free up by taking that stuff off because of how nice it is to have it... believe me... if you have an h22a in a civic... you're not gonna miss those few ponies, you're gonna be shittin yourself with the thing stock, let alone boosted or whatever you plan on doing!
my car came stock w/ no ac, no power steer, no power anything. but where i live i dont need a/c so its all good. I would personally recommend b18c motor instead of the h22a. There are a lot of complications about having that motor in your car. And there are very few aftermarket parts out for that motor. There is way more parts for the b-series motors. Just do your research lots and lots of homework before you decide. Think about what your planning to do with this motor. And see if they offer the products that you are thinking about adding/replacing to the motor.

And as far as modifications to the frame?? nope. Nothing major. There may need to be some cutting here or there. I've seen people drop it in with no problems. And ive seen people drop it in and have to do some cutting.
Thanks you all, for all the information you gave me.
I'm gonna do my homework :lol:
I'm gonna check everything out and see what i'm gonna finally gonna do. But a H22A is really tempting to get into my civic, to kick some little ass off. And it looks cool having a H22A motor in a civic.

Anyways, thanks alot for everything.
OvCrash :ph34r:
Originally posted by paragus@Sep 30 2002, 06:21 PM
And there are very few aftermarket parts out for that motor. There is way more parts for the b-series motors.

Come on, this isn't true. While there may be more BRANDS of parts for a B-series engine out there, there certainly isn't any sort of scarcity when it comes to performance aftermarket parts for an H-series engine. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is an intake manifold, and Skunk2 is releasing their H-series manifold within months.


there is so much for the h22... and the h23.. just gotta look... and btw.. h22 in a civic... get ready to fly .. :D


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just make sure that if you DONT run power steering, you don't just take the belt off. you can damage a power rack that way. I didn't know better before, and i had it off for a while. but its back on now.
if you don't want it, you need to remove the pump, but still enable the passage of fluid to the rack by runnign a pump-bypass hose thingee.
or, find a manual rack (if they exist for your car - which i thik the 6th gen dx had an option for power steering... so there should be one there)