JDM ITR in a 93 coupe?

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ive got a 1993 Honda Civic Ex 2dr....its teal
just swapped in a b18b motor, but ive had my eyes set on the JDM ITR for a long time. i was thinking would it be worth it to put in the coupe? here are my questions

should i put it in a coupe or a hatch due to weight of car?
would i want that motor in an teal civic? blah
can this car look any good despite color?

i dont know, i just want a nice looking car that will move thats N/A, i mean maybe with Rota Slipstreams in black and lowering the car a bit, ive already got the jdm corners and integra seats/armrest. just thought i would ask for some input...thanks


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Well, the hatch would definitely benefit more from it, since the difference in weight is anywhere from 100-400lbs, depending on the trim of the hatch. If it were me, I would just build what you have, swap the head, throw some pistons, cams, head work, a few bolt ons, and probably be making more power then a stock ITR.


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the B18B has a LOT of potential even without doing a LS/VTEC
friend of mine had an LS engine with a PnP'd head crower cams and JDM B16 pistons and it hung with my ITR swapped del sol all day

with a header, better geared tranny (JDM GSR w/ LSD would be perfect), a better intake manifold, and an ECU that would let that engine rev to where it would have made its real power, i can honestly say that car would have handed me my ass
i agree that the b18b has a ton of potential, i was just thinking that with the jdm itr its stock hp is 210 and thats quite a bit higher than the 142 produced by the b18b, so if i were to go improve on the b18c5 it only gets better. but im no where near buying anything and wont be for a while. im just gathering information and trying to get a game plan. so do you think i should just stick with my coupe? and go from there?

thanks for the input


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Problem with improving on a Type R is, you pretty much have to replace evreything you paid for when buying an ITR motor, being cams, pistons, intake manifold etc...the parts are almost maxed out as far as being able to add easy power. A I/H/E combo will almost always free up something, but to truely wring hp out of it, you need to built it big. On that note, it is almost always better to get a cheaper motor, save the intial investment and build up say a GSR, which IMO is the best platform to start with, you get some good displacement, vtec to start, and a solid bottom end, all at about a grand under the ITR, there's you cams, LSD trany, and intake maniold right there, or some other combo that will net you close to the itr.
thats a very good point about improving on the already expensive b18c5, but i think the only minor mods would be: apexi ws2 exhaust, comptech ecu(debateable) either drop in filter or cai. unless i just happen to find a few grand lying around and turbo the thing, my guess would be that the most realistic amount of mods.

and with buying the gsr motor for a grand less, you would spend a grand getting it to the level of type r w/ the cams, LSD and intake manifold. but gsr motors are more common. :shrug2:


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In the end it is your descision.
yeah, but i guess if i have anymore questions or concerns i can ask the forum, you all seem to have a very large amount of USEFULL information, so thanks for all the help