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Originally posted by saturn_boy96@Jan 30 2003, 02:44 PM
My friend told me to check out this site and i thought they had pretty good deals. tell me what you think.

Osaka JDM motors.

I would advise against them.

Read the 10 threads or so on this board about how bad they are.
We've had a ton of complaints.


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well, they definiatly win "best website" among the engine importer guys. hmotors' and flashoptions' sites kinda blow nuts.


best website ? who fucking cares

best motor, best customer service gets my pick over osaka jdm fucktards.

i hope they go out of business soon for all the people they ahve fucked


whats a good place to get a JDM from?
i mean theres many places and prefferably a good site for a Canadian :D


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in calgary alberta the is a place called shit i will post later they dont have a big flashey website but the have the motors on location and you can inspect before you buy and not shipping costs if you pick up