Jdm Or Usdm?

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im about to order a jdm b18c motor obd1, and swap it into a 94 hatch cx... i was wondering what problems i would run into since the jdm motor is from a RHD car... like wiring is it all going to be the same as if i got a usdm motor? if not then what are teh differences and troubles that i should look for.... and what about power steering and a/c is it impossible to keep them if i get the JDM motor (ill probably lose them for the extra power and less weight but damn its hot in the summer haha)... any suggestions? thanks


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Yip,it will be easy as long as you have everything (axles,ecu,shiftlinkage,mounts and motor,trannt of course) and then run the vtec wires.


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hello jdm motors are universal and i dont think cx has a ran vtec wire but im not sure you might need the wiring harness from the jdm motor