Jdm P72 Vs Usdm P72

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I bought a totalled integra, b18c and all for 1200 bucks. The engine has 100k miles on it, but is missing the valve cover and the ECU. I need to get an the ecu for it soon, and need to know how a JDM p72 will work with it. I Know I will be able to use a JDM p72, but will it make it run rich or really screw up the emissions?

As far as the shape of the engine goes, I might have to replace the headgasket, or even rebuild it if i dont like the compression numbers. Either way its a steal. Its going in the sol in 3 weeks.
the major diffrance is that the JDM ecus are all limited at around 115-118 mph, I am sure that the emmissions is a little diffrance but i cant be sure. Major thing is the speed govt.
good find dude.
yeah- find an obd1 p72. I'd really try to find a USDM one, just because its a better ecu. like colin said- no low-ass speed limiter, and its designed for it on top of all things.
if you are having trouble finding one, let me know- im surei can find one somewhere for you.