Jdm Sir Parts And Misc Parts

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I have jdm exhsaust manifold and b pipe 40+shipping complete vtec harness not sure what it goes to 20+shipping po6 ecu out of 93 civic dx40.00 1.5L sohc with 45kmi on it with axels and shiftlinkage 300.00+shipping GSR rear mount 60.00+shipping delsol driverside mount for b16 40.00+shipping 2000 civic si center consol 150.00+shipping powersteering pump b16 60.00 complete ac system for b16a2 00si perfect for those b16 swaps into 96-00 civics 150.00 obo 2000 si door pannels with all switches locks and harnesses 200.00+shipping moon roof and switch complete 100.00 from 2000si rear seats from 2000 si 125.00 +shipping I have thefron't ones to match but I really don't want to part with them make me an offer well either email me or pm me I will get back to you as soon as I can