Jdm Steering Wheel Install -- Help

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ok, i got my stock wheel and airbag off but i have a question..

there's a little harness coming out by the shaft with two yellow plugs on it.. one for the airbag and one for the horn im guessing? what do i do with these? the new wheel wont fit on with these plugs in the way..

'92 Civic CX, putting on a JDM wheel w/ no airbag.

please advise! my car is steering wheel-less until i get a reply :)
In the new SCC they install a momo,but it should be the same idea.They don't really say exactly what they do but it looks like once they jumped the horn relay,they relocated the two harnesses inside the steering column.Or unplugged them from the under dash airbag harness and jumped the horn from there.
It doesn't seem like it would make a difference as long as your horn was jumped,but you might have the srs light on,if there is a relay of some sort that isn't connected through the harness.
Your horn and Airbags go through the cable reel which should be one of the two plugs. You can relocate the harnesses but DO NOT cut them. Any disruption in the wire is going to trip your SRS light. Mainly though-you are at liberty to put yourself in harms way by removing air bags, but there is no need to disable the system and take away your passengers one as well.
That thing you are talking about is called a "clockspring." It allows the wire for the sirbag and horn to coil and prevent bing when the wheel is turned from left to right. You should be able to see two or three screws holding if to everything else. just undo that and unplug it in the back and your done.
i removed the entire 'clock spring'. three screws revealed when the column is removed.. and i dont have a passengers side airbag..!