CT JDM style Honda Accord 1996 H22a DOHC VTEC Performance Racing LX (CT)

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1996 Honda Accord with JDM H22a Engine with JDM H22 Manual Transmission with LSD and JDM P13 ECU. Has not been driven or started in about 3 years. Engine is 100% leak free to my knowledge. No internal work done except cam gears and GReddy timing belt(s). Never seen the track, but the VTEC loves to rev high with the lightened flywheel in any gear and during spirited driving. Actual mileage is unknown, but if I had to guess I would say 250,000 on the body and 100,000 on the motor. Tires have very little use (though I don't know what sitting around has done to them). I would Estimate parts to cost around $25,000 new, with about $8,000 being under the hood. Exterior is in excellent condition for its age.

Price: $5,000


· JDM 1994 H22a engine
· JDM H22 manual LSD transmission
· JDM H22a P13 ECU
· AEM short ram intake H22 (POLISHED)
· AEM fuel pressure regulator (POLISHED)
· AEM fuel filter (SILVER)
· AEM fuel rail (SILVER)
· APEXi V-AFC II VTEC/Air & Fuel Converter
· Boom-Slang OBDI and VAFCII conversion harness
· Bosch alternator (newer)
· Bosch starter (newer)
· Energy Suspension motor mount insert bushings
· Exedy stage 2 clutch kit (Thick)
· Fluidyne radiator w/ 11" fan
· Genuine JDM Type-S laser-cut valve cover (POLISHED)
· Genuine Honda laser-cut timing belt cover
· Genuine Honda Spark plug cover (painted SILVER)
· GReddy stainless header 4-2-1
· GReddy oil filter relocation kit w/ Earls chrome clamps
· GReddy SX-011 oil filter
· GReddy water adapter (30mm) - for water temp gauge
· GReddy water adapter (32mm) - for breather tank
· GReddy timing belt
· GReddy balancer belt
· HASport drivers side engine mount
· HASport H22 Accord wiring harness conversion service
· KMS EGR block off plate
· KMS throttle body coolant blockoff plate
· King Motorsports bored F22 throttle body
· MagnaFlow catalytic converter
· Mugen fan switch
· Mugen thermostat
· MSD spark plug wires
· NGK platinum spark plugs
· Odyssey 925t battery (23lbs) (relocated)
· SAMCO Sport radiator hoses (RED)
· Signal Auto oil catch can
· Skunk2 oil cap
· Skunk2 cam gears (SILVER)
· Spoon magnetic engine & tranny bolts
· Spoon radiator stays (SILVER)
· STR cam seal (SILVER)
· STR polished battery tie down
· Tanabe racing medalion cat-back exhaust
· Unorthodox ultra-l lightened flywheel
· Unorthodox ultra-ss pulley kit (POLISHED)

· Removed: A/C, EGR, EVAP, Cruise, throttle body coolant bypass, wiper fluide reservoir, heater hoses plugged, hood latch


· BOMEX Aero front bumper
· Stock taillights (amber cleared)
· DEPO JDM SiR style headlights
· Signal Auto license plate frame
· VeilSide type-2 side mirrors
· VIS Racing carbon fiber hood
· VIS Racing carbon fiber mugen grill
· VIS Racing carbon fiber trunk lid

· Removed: Front H emblem, Rear 'Accord' emblem, chrome trunk garnish, trunk key lock


· APEXi VAFC II custom in dash
· Bride type FO seat rails x2
· Genuine JDM Accord SiR gauge cluster (7300 R/L)
· GReddy 52mm water temperature gauge
· GReddy 52mm fuel pressure gauge
· GReddy 60mm air/fuel ratio warning gauge
· GReddy 60mm oil temperature warning gauge
· GReddy 60mm oil pressure warning gauge
· GReddy 60mm exhaust gas temp warning gauge
· Moroso push-start button
· Moroso flip switch panel
· Moroso battery relocation kit with fire-wall-through adapter
· Moroso battery box
· ChargeSpeed sport bucket pass. seat (BLACK) Fbg
· Signal Auto sport bucket driver seat (BLACK) Fbg
· Signal Auto quick release
· Splash short steering wheel hub
· Sparco ring steering wheel
· Sparco ebrake handle
· Sparco tuning cam-lock harnesses (BLACK) x2
· P-Spec short shifter + knob
· Security System

· Relocated: APEXi VAFC to vent control location, Hazard light switch to window defroster switch location, blank cruise switch, blank dimmer switch, four 60mm GReddy warning gauges built into the dash

· Removed: Carpet, rear floor mats, headliner, A, B and C pillars, center counsel with armrest and cup holder, black stereo/ashtray counsel, glove box, A/C unit, vent controls, heater core, all vents, arm rest, rear seats, rear seat lock, rear seat braces, rear deck, front and rear seat belts, rear door sills, stereo, all speakers, jack, all lock rods, spare tire, all trunk panels, trunk springs, unused plugs/wiring, trunk/gas door quick release, trunk release cable

Stopping Power

· AEM brake pads (front)
· Brembo front cross drilled rotors (front)
· Earls brake lines
· VHT caliper paint (RED)


· BF Goodrich Traction T/A 205/55/16 tires
· RAYS Wheels lugs nuts (BLACK)
· Rota 16" slipstreem wheels
· Tanabe SusTec pro s-s type-II coil-overs
· Tanabe front pillow mounts
· Tanabe rear pillow mounts
· Tanabe rear type-I spring replacemnts
· Tanabe rear helper springs
· Tanabe front strut bar (POLISHED)
· Tanabe front chromoly stabilizer bar
· Tanabe rear chromoly stabilizer (RED)