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umm, perhaps a tinfoil hat? Not that it would shield you from the psycho women you have stalking you..
Does facebook have ultra-uber-super-paranoid security features ?
Nope. As secure as you make anything on there, an employer can pay a fee and see anything you have for background checking purposes. Yet I still have picc of myself painted green like the Hulk, chugging Jager.
That's extreme, Slush. haha EXTREME JAGER CHUGGING!!! Mmm, that's my happy juice. Anywho, thanks for giving me a valid reason for joining facebook, B. :thumbsup: As soon as I'm actually online at home I'll join up with the HS'ers on there. :D
Dito! Joined because I never use facebook! haha
Meh more college people that hate myspace, I use it to remeber freinds cell #'s when I lose them haha
i use a phone for that.
theres a special feature called number storage.. lol