Jonas Club Management software

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That’s how you get ants
anyone slightly familiar with this? shoot me a PM. i have an opportunity for you to make some cash.

seriously though. ive got my foot in the door with a new client and to seal the deal that is what they need.
what are you hoping one of us knows? i've read their website, and i have a background in software quality assurance and documentation. I've never seen their software in action. PM me if that is even remotely helpful.
i need someone who would be fluent in it, i have a laundry list of stuff the client needs taken care of.

- the credit card swipe does not register the cards. When it is entered manually, although the credit card is charged, the checks do not close out and show a - remaining balance. Joyace may have more details on this.
- The order that the food courses are printing to the kitchen needs to be changed.
- No alcoholic beverages are printing to the bar.

- have things exported out of Jonas (contract, BEOs)
- get our email through outlook and not gmail
- fix settings on my laptop

- banquet computer in the executive offices
- pastry station setup

- Expo & Hot Printer are not set up correctly

- Pastry printer

- Missing Entree Items in Jonas
- Main printer in the executive office is not installed on CCB M3 & CCB M4
We need to be able to pull information from Jonas (especially Beo's or menu's)
Some of the items in the menu do not print from the printer(To make sure that was caused by the computer , some servers showed what they have entered to the system and the item on the ticket was missing )
Each different course groups are divided by a line and if the guest is having multiple courses it is getting lot more complicated then it should be
i don't think half of that is even related to the software. sounds like the POS system is fubar.