Journey of the Media PC

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So a few years ago my sister gave me this Gateway 838GM desktop computer that didn't work. Turns out it needed a power supply, when I fixed it she said she didn't want it back she bought a new one.

Vista Enterprise
Intel P4 3GHZ HT
Onboard shit video
Realtek audio

i put it in the closet with a cat5 connection and there it sat. i remoted into it everytime i needed to work on it otherwise i hit the files using windows shares. i have the DYNDNS client on it too so i can get my files from wherever i have an internet connection. it was a pretty decent file server. as it got loaded up with files it got pretty slow. It is also running BOINC for . why aren't you?

Upgraded it since though, in order of operations -
added 400w power supply
added 750GB secondary SATA HDD
added ATI Radeon HD 3600, with HDMI output and cable
Windows 7 Enterprise
added 1GB ram making the total 1.5GB
added D-Link N Extreme Wifi adapter

I had moved it into the parlor under the big screen and obviously hooked it up using HDMI ;) so now i use it as a media center. all my movies, pictures, and DVDs (plus DVD downloads) are all accessible through media center as well as the GUI. no need for a mouse and keyboard since i use DAMEWARE to get to the desktop, much better than terminal services in this case. i never have to worry about videos playing like crap due to the high powered video card and even the low resolution files taken from older cameras look great upconverted in HD.

best $370 i ever spent on a machine. probably last atleast a few more years in this role. eventually i want to wipe it clean, drop more RAM in it, and install 7 Enterprise x64 .


Sweet. I'm rebuilding my HTPC right now- just got a 55" LCD to watch, so I have to feed it with something decent. I'm reusing a Gigabyte 690G board with HDMI output that includes 7.1 sound and an Opteron 1216 CPU. I measured out an Antec Fusion Micro case at Fry's last night and will probably order one with a BD-ROM from Newegg later today to finish it up. I think I can still fit my water cooling setup in it too... but it'll be tight!