Jrsc B16 Crx, Hasport... Possible?

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I'm gearing up to build the ultimate road race car for the summer. I'm all set to swap once the weather is a tad nicer but was wondering if anyone could help me out here. The b16 hasport style will be a pretty tight fit and i was wondering if a jackson racing supercharger would fit in there without any major firewall-lovin (if you catch my drift.) If you guys have ever seen this done, or if you know its impossible given the hasport mount kit location, please help a brotha out. thanks in advance.

p.s. Its an 89 hf, if shouldnt matter but just f.y.i.


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I've seen it fit,don't know if they had to bang the firewall or not.It really isn't that much bigger than the IM if any.

EDIT:Hasport has it list in their FAQ as fitting in a 88-91 civic.