Jrsc On First Gen B16

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Junior Member
I got a first gen B16 in my 89 civic HB and i want to put a jackson racing super charger on it. Which kit would bolt up to my motor? And would I have to modify or make any custom parts to install it on my car and motor?
it will clear the hood. its no taller than the stock IM.

it might be tight by the firewall, but again, it should fit.
i think the only b16 they make is for the 99-00 si.

so basically, all the instructions are going to be wrong.

and why superchrage it? turbo it y0!
Or you could get a side mount or paint the front mount black and dont get some whack ricer bov that sounds like a 183993db gym teacher's whistle. Go turbo dude, the jrsc just cant hang.