Jrscfor Sale Or Trade,other Civic Parts Also

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Ok I got a jackson racing supercharger for d-series engines, comes with upgrade pulley, belt and throttle body. Its NOT the kit. Itsin very good shape, boosts hard and spins easy with no bearing noise. I would like to get around $1200 for it.I am also open toanytrades for b16 or LS swaps, They dont have to be complete swaps but the more the merrier I would prefer a hydro 5 speed trans but i will take a cable one and get the conversion kit if i must. Also I am in need of a cable dseries trans,anybody got one left over from a swap??

Also here are the rest of the parts i have for sale

95 S20 Hydro 5speed trans $150
2 IHI rhb5 turbo's $100 each
bseries power steering pump $20?
Integra front and rear sway bars 88-91 50 each
almost complete 91 hatch interior Email with needs